Between Dead and Undead || Rhodes&Walsh

Rather than eating whatever small creature Daryl may have killed that evening, Honest found herself wandering quietly down the highway. It’d been about ten minutes since she’d left the RV and no one came running. Either she’d done a really good job of sneaking away or no one had noticed, that would be for the best. The ginger had never wanted to be brought into this group in the first place, she had wanted to end things but that was impossible now. There were to many at risk here for her to put a bullet through her own skull, so trapped somewhere between metaphorical death and actual death she remained.

Sounds of crickets chirping filled her head and every once in awhile the soft hoot of an owl. These were the necessities now, signs of real life. Deciding she’d found a spot far enough away, Honest picked a car and forced her way in as quietly as possible. Climbing into the back and making herself as comfortable as possible; this was where she’d attempt to sleep tonight. “Finally. Some distance.” Sighing Honest closed her eyes and pretended to doze, convinced no one would find her.